How Silver Works

OK, so you have Silver. Silver can be used to “purchase” a prize.

Because of reasons, PS4 players who cash in will receive a Rocket League Key.  Otherwise the prize is drawn randomly by Tullbot.

Ways to earn silver:

Follow the Channel (Get 1000 Silver on the Spot)

Be on twitch when its offline (slow generation)

Be on twitch when its online (almost noticeable generation)
– Being active on twitch adds a multiplier to silver generation during casts.  you make about 3 silver per minute.

Playing in the bank heist
– limit 500 silver, higher chance of success if more people play
– use !bankheist [bet amount] to play

Playing the Double or Nothing game
– type !don to play
– extremely good chance of doubling your money
– if you lose, you lose everything
– only works until you have 2000 Silver in your wallet

-Occasionally the caster might raffle off a large amount of silver. type !ticket # where # is the number of tickets to buy.

– The best way to earn silver
– Generally speaking playing in a TFN official tournament has the following payouts
– 3,000 silver for each required teammate who gets first place
– 2,000 silver for each required teammate who gets second place
– 1,000 silver for each required teammate who gets third place

For example, the winning team of the RLBL would win 9,000 Silver, but that amount has to be divided up between at least 3 players at the captains discretion. The captain can only pay out to people who are on twitch and have signed up for that particular tournament in battlefy.

Winning the RLBL Lite tournament wins you 6,000 Silver but only has to be divided up between at least 2.

How to cash in:

The amount of silver and what you can get with it is availible in the #silverstore in the discord channel.  Get there by going to

Simply use one of the claim commands in the menu.  if you have enough silver your claim will be logged as proof and the amount of silver removed from your wallet.  You need to contact Jethro Tull in the discord channel to actually get the prize.

This method of prize distribution is subject to tweaks as time passes, and whatever changes we make will be posted on this website.

Everyone’s Silver will be reset to 0 every three months.  The next reset is at the end of November.

Typing !silver in twitch chat will make Tullbot whisper you your current Silver amount.

Good Luck!

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