September Update

Things continue on a nice, smooth, gradual increase while we smooth things out for the big leagues.

Actual promotion for TFN is going to be delayed for a few weeks since a) were getting a good response organically and b) details on how to run things are still being dealt with. Growing too fast too quickly is one of the best ways to kill off something like this in short order, and TFN is not meant to be a short order kind of thing. Now that school has started there should be a dip in overall activity, but expectations are that it will be short lived.

For the month of September we can expect a reward system to roll out as well as more formalization of the RLBL (rocket league beer league) tournaments. With any luck soon we will be able to introduce a regular tournament with a different game on a different day of the week, which game that is remains to be seen. The popularity of Rocket League also seems to suggest a reason to have a full slot dedicated to it over and above the RLBL slot on Sundays.

Responses on #feedback in the discord channel will always be taken into serious consideration.


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