TFN NEWS – August 3, 2016

Wew Lads. Good start as TFN goes into its second month of Official existence.  Bunch of changes incoming as we move into august, here goes:

  1. the transfer of the website from to is taking longer than expected party because I decided to use a new host that im not familiar at all with. Should be done in a few days though, and the website performance should be much better than it currently is.
  2. The subreddit /r/thefridgenetwork is now under TFN control after the person who made it a few years ago let it rot.  That will be changed over into the new official TFN subreddit once the headaches with the website are dealt with.
  3. Congratulations to Flamajster for winning the $40 Silver challenge!
  4. The silver economy is a bit skewed now because of how this all came about (flamaj is literally the %1 – Occupy Flamaj!) but that will be fixed.  Silver will not be reset.
  5. TFN is changing how betting is going to work. and making adjustments to existing games, as well as adding a few more.  A seperate post will be made on that soon.
  6.  Right now, MysteriousXeno, TheFridgeNetwork, JethroTull and JaneTull are the only actual moderators of TFN.
  7. Casters and Moderators need to remember to be consistent with what TullBot says about how the channel is run.  Insults or offensive comments are allowed on the channel, even if directed at the Caster himself.

August is going to be very interesting indeed…

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